It Never Rains in Lima

I arrived at night and nothing about my arrival was normal.  I had almost missed my flight on the last leg from Mexico City, and this was after nearly a two-day journey.  As soon as we landed, there was a separate queue for those attending the annual meetings, and we were chaperoned at every point by helpful young volunteers all the way to the waiting lounge.  Within ten minutes, our bus arrived to take us to our hotel.  I knew, even before I arrived at the heavily-guarded ho

Hipstamatic 300

This was probably my favourite shot using Hipstamatic (jane lens and uchitel film).  It produced a beautiful and timeless image of the Eiffel Tower on a wet July afternoon.  I haven’t used the app much since upgrading my phone and slowly forgot about it, which is a real surprise since it was my source of creativity when I stopped carrying my camera with me everywhere. Earlier this evening, I received an announcement email from them mentioning their new update.  I’m intrigued