Hipstamatic 300

This was probably my favourite shot using Hipstamatic (jane lens and uchitel film).  It produced a beautiful and timeless image of the Eiffel Tower on a wet July afternoon.  I haven’t used the app much since upgrading my phone and slowly forgot about it, which is a real surprise since it was my source of creativity when I stopped carrying my camera with me everywhere. Earlier this evening, I received an announcement email from them mentioning their new update.  I’m intrigued

The Holga Experiment

I can see why the Holga became what it did in the 1980s. I can also understand why recently, with so much technology crammed into phones and small cameras, some have wanted the simplicity of a toy camera. Having said that, and as unfashionable as it may sound, I would rather use apps to achieve these and better results. Film photography is a world I respect, and using a roll of film (unless you buy expired ones) in a toy camera like this one is, in my opinion, a waste. I wrot