Ealing Then and Now

This entry is the inspiration behind the title and address of this new blog.  It was originally posted in July 2009: Respice Prospice If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your photography, read the flickr blog. Back in June, I read a post titled Past Present(ing), and I immediately started my research.  I looked for old photographs of Ealing, where we live(d) in London, printed them in Kuwait ready for this post.  Today, I took some time alone and went on a shoot w

Falling in Love

I landed into a very foggy London a couple of weeks ago.  The next morning offered me the opportunity to take some shots of our local park in west London, in the most beautiful time of year.  The peaceful tones of the autumn colours were serenely framed by the thick fog.  I hope you enjoy the shots – some of which were already posted on my social media accounts at the time. #ealing #leaves #fog #photography #london #fall #park #august #autumn #gunnersbury #bench